Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payment do you accept? Can I change or cancel plans at any time? How to contact PrivateTo for setup remotely?
Currently we use SafeCart as the only payment processor for all PrivateTo services. International transaction fees and VAT may apply based on various geolocations. PrivateTo is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no long term contract or commitment. If you cancel, you'll be billed for the current month/year, but you won't be billed again. Payment is required for any fees incurred. Once you have completed the subscription plan payment, our certified professionals will remotely connect to your PC, Mac or mobile device via TeamViewer Remote Control Session (no installation is needed) and set up your anonymous setup completely & securely.
Are you 24x7 available? Are your services 100% guaranteed to work? Why Bandwidth is limited?
Yes, all our service centers & service engineers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us anytime via live chat or phone for instant solutions for your service demands. We are always online for your request. Yes, you don't have any risk to use our services. All of the service plans are guaranteed by our 7-day money back policy. Though there are some rare case that the connection may become unstable/slow due to network problems or natural causes, our service engineers will provision you a quick solution so that you can use the service without any problem. We are using the finest servers in top-tier data centers,deploying enterprise-grade firewall & encryption technology, as well as utilizing hundreds of accelation optimization for both servers and routing connections. We have strictly allocated the neccesory bandwidth for each plan that the PrivateTo overall network can handle,ensuring fast and reliable connections. You can choose the plans based on your budget and specific needs.
Is the Basic Plan enough? What are the charges for exceeding the allocated bandwidth? How about my leftover bandwidth?
The Basic plan with 15 GB bandwidth should be enough for regular users, browsing web pages, viewing photos and doing social networkings. However, if you are a heavy Internet users like do torrenting, watching Netflix alike streaming services regularly or any other streaming services, you are recommended to subscribe the plans with higher bandwidth usage. If you exceed the number of bandwidth allowed for the month, a fee of $1 USD per GB over the limit will be charged to your account at the end of your billing period. The allocated bandwidth will be reset for each of your billing cycle. The leftover bandwidth will not be added into the bandwidth allocation of the next billing cycle.
How to change the plan? Is your service completely anonymous? Do I have to manually set up the anonymous service?
You can choose to purchase a new plan at the completion of your current subscription plan. Or you can contact PrivateTo support via live chat to change the plan for you. Yes. We do not store any of your activities using our service. For torrenting purposes, please use the DMCA-ignored offshore location for connection. Once you complete the purchase, you can set up the service using the provisioned service account & following the step-by-step guide to have it work. You can also submit a support request to schedule PrivateTo engineers set up for you remotely via TeamViewer. All service plans are included with priority support. All your support demands are supported by a stand-by team 24/7.
Do I need to install any app for the connection? Do you offer Tor protocol? How can I change the server locations?
Not neccessary. You can set up the connection via the built-in VPN functions in your PC, Mac, mobile devices or routers. We also provide the third-party open source connection utility for your use. All of our services are completely transparent and safe. Yes. We do. Please contact the support team for this usage via live chat. You can simply change the server locations by yourself if using the third-party open source connection utility; if you using the built-in VPN fuction to create the connection, you will have to manually create a new one associated with the new location. You can contact us via live chat for the complete setup.