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PrivateTo is your trusted anonymous service & industry-leading uptime guaranteed!

Bypass Censorship/Access Geo-Locking Content
  • 100% working & fast service to unblock China/United Arab Emirates/Iran/India government restrictions effectively & seamlessly
  • Access any website & watch favorites on Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, BBC or any other in US/UK without any restriction or buffering
  • All data centers are handly picked and all servers are optimized with enterprise-class acceleration
Safe & Secure Online Surfing & Torrenting, Tor/Online Trading
  • All connections are encrypted with AES-256 encryption protocol
  • Enterprise-class NAT/antivirus firewall sophisticatedly installed & configured
  • No logging policy is thoroughly employed
  • Tor browsering protection is included and optimized
  • Offshore/DMCA-ignored servers are available exclusively for torrenting
Industry-leading Service Uptime
  • Our engineers, NOT REGULAR CUSTOMER SUPPORT, are 24/7 stand-by to serve you via phone or live chat
  • In case that your anonymous service is interupted or becoming very slow, a new anonymous setup will be created by the support technician to ensure it is working normally.
  • All support demands are of priority support; no need to wait for any support quene.

Popular PrivateTo Pricing Plans/10% off for Yearly Billing

Choose the service plan based on your needs. There is a 10% off discount available if you choose to pay annually. Please contact our 24/7 live chat team on this offer or help you choose the plan of your needs. You can also view the complete PrivateTo pricing plans here.

Pro Plan for China
  • 50G Bandwidth
  • Hong Kong, US & UK Locations
  • 1 Cocurrent Connection
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android & Router Supported
Starting at
$ 12.99 / Month
  • 1000G Bandwidth
  • Offshore Locations
  • 1 Cocurrent Connection
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android & Router Supported
Starting at
$ 9.9 / Month
Streaming Unblocked for Netflix, Hulu/BBC
  • 1T Bandwidth
  • US/EU Locations
  • 1 Cocurrent Connection
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android & Router Supported
Starting at
$ 28.9 / Month

Why Choose PrivateTo


Fast Connection

Only the premiere datacenters (China Telecom, NTT, Tata, GTT NLayer, HE, Cogent) are chosen to host the servers, especially the routes & replays optimized for Asia Pacific regions. Take China for example, the datacenters are picked with Asia Pacific direct routes/replays and China Telecom CN2 routes for fast connections. On the server side, the enterprise-class TCP acceleration has been deployed to enable fast surfing experience for you to watch high-quality videos (like Youtube 2k/4k video & Vimeo video) anywhere & anytime.

Secure Connection to Ensure Privacy & Anonymity

All servers are used with AES-256 encryption for all connections and protected by enterprise-class NAT/antivirus firewall. It is the highest encryption technology in the world to keep you safe while surfing the Internet. You will be protected while accessing business/home networks from anywhere, surfing on public places with WI-FI like hotel, airport & coffee shop and protecting from your ISPs & local users.


100% Working Solutions to Unblock China, Iran or Any Government Restriction

Have you been trying to use the so-called ‘major VPN services’ while you are in China but no avail? Most of the VPN providers are monitored and blocked by the GFW used by the Chinese government. Have you been troubled to use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or any other services that has been restricted by the government like China, Iran, India or Saudi Arabia? These restrictions are unblocked and you can access any online services worldwide anytime & anywhere with the premium service 24/7 by

Access Geographically Restricted Sites

Do you want to watch BBC, Spotify, Netflix or Hulu movies/videos while you are travelling or having business trip abroad? The services offer by Netflix or alike are strictly geolocation based. Have you recieved the error message 'Access Denied. The request has been denied by the security rules.'? Some websites have employed strict geo-blocking policy for online visiting. With PrivateTo, you can access all the websites/services using our servers located in US or UK data centers.


Safe & Secure for Using Torrent

All PrivateTo servers are sophisticatedly installed and configured with enterprise-grade hardware firewall as well as antivirus application. We use offshore servers for torrent P2P sharing. These servers are DMCA ignored & no logs are kept on any of the servers.

No Logging Policy

There will be no logging or any of tracking records kept on any of our servers. Period! The only monitoring algorithm used is to check the bandwidth usage of your account. If the local laws require logging records stored on any of our server, we will find another data center in different geolocation that allows anonymously serving.


On-demand 24/7 Support Anywhere & Anytime

You can install & use the service instantly using the online document. Or you can ask our engineers to set up for you remotely via TeamViewer. If your service is interrupted due to certain inevitable reasons like data center upgrades or natural conditions, our 24/7 support engineers, upon your request, will instantly provision a new operational account for you to use.

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World Class Servers
All PrivateTo servers are located 5 top tier data centers around the world. All the serving statuses are monitored and tested 24/7 by our engineers.
24/7 Stand-by Support
You don't need to wait for any support request. Once you contact us via live chat or phone, our engineers will handle your request immediately.
100% Serving Uptime
In case that your service is disrupted, PrivateTo will provision you a new functional account or ways to continue your online surfing instantly.
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Of the last 100 customers we helped, 96% said our service was great!
Best Service for Users in China!
It is very fast to visit any website including Google, Twitter & Facebook; and I can use the Instragram and Line app again! It is the service I would like to recommend to any users in China who want to access the blocked services.
Issac Bock - Business Manager @ China
Great Service for Heavy P2P Sharings
I have been using PrivateTo for torrenting without any worry as PrivateTo is using offshore servers with no logging policy! This service is absolutely reommended.
Larry Wells - Online Marketing Expert @ USA
The Best Online Anonymous Service
This is literally the best anonymous service online, or even the best online service online as I can reckon. It is very fast & reliable, and the engineer John has been very helpful if the connection become slow. Your folks are doing a good job at PrivateTo!
Jeremy Coleman - Product Manager @ USA
Great Service to Bypass the Censorship
I have dozes of business trips aboard every month to countries with Internet censorship like China. All my works depend on your guys at PrivateTo to recieve Gmail and log in the company network securely.
Jaime Daniel - Equity Manager @ USA
Great VPN to Watch Netflix, Hulu & other Streaming Services
No other VPPs can beat this! I am a creative designer travelling around the world. PrivateTo is blazing fast to watch my favorites on Netflix without restrictions or buffering!
Leslie Wood - Creative Designer @ US
Great Services!
With PrivateTo, I can watch the BBC again anywhere I go. I am a newbie to these so-called VPNs. The PrivateTo agent Lily remotely helps me set up everything on my Dell laptop & iPhone. This is a must 5 star for your support.
Mary Maclean - Hotel Chain Manager @ UK
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